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Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers

Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers

Save money by designing and crafting your own waterproof outdoor furniture covers with fabrics from Canvas Etc. You’ll always find exactly what you need for every type of sewing project when you check with us first- and you’ll find the materials you’re searching for available at everyday affordable prices. When making patio furniture covers from scratch, start with a durable, waterproof material and you’ll see great results. Our staff is available to answer questions, direct you to project-appropriate fabrics, and provide customer support whenever you need our help- reach us at 404-514-7166.

3 Popular Fabrics For Making Patio Furniture Covers

1. At Canvas Etc, we sell high-grade Shelter Tent Duck, also called Waxed Canvas that makes a terrific material for making furniture set covers. If you need something that is durable, heavy-duty, and water repellant, this is a fabric that won’t let you down. Waxed Canvas is rugged, strong, and easy to sew with,made from 100% cotton with a wax coating.

See care instructions on our website for Waxed Canvas– never clean with detergents, simply spray with a garden hose and soft scrub brush or damp cloth for excellent results.

2. Acrylic Coated Canvas is perfect for making awnings but is also a great choice for outdoor furniture covers for coaches, patio furniture, boats, motorbikes, and other items. As a material for making waterproof patio furniture covers, Acrylic Coated Canvas offers UV, mildew, water, and flame resistance to your project.

When you need a fabric that is super heavy-duty and designed to protect your furniture throughout the rainy season or during a long winter, Acrylic Coated Canvas is hard to beat- and at an affordable price of just $16 per linear yard x 60”, you’ll find it will fit within your budget.

3. Boat Cover Canvas from Canvas Etc. doubles as a material that is excellent for waterproof outdoor furniture covers. Also known as Shelter Tent Duck, this fabric is versatile enough to be used for hand-making waterproof outdoor furniture covers, winter boat covers, outdoor shelters, military tents, awnings, and more.

A highly breathable, extremely strong fabric, this material will prove to be a protectant against the harshest winter weather. See all available thickness options on our website.

Shop And Save On Canvas Etc.

Bookmark our canvas fabric website and return whenever you’re searching for quality materials at an affordable price. Along with our top-grade materials, we also provide custom fabric printing and automatic fabric cutting services to customize your projects. Explore our website to find helpful blog articles, our full range of products, and information about our company.

Check out our affiliate opportunities for crafters, DIYers, micro-influencers, and creative makers that can put money in your pocket and help you enjoy your passion to a whole new degree. For more information, call Canvas Etc at 404-514-7166. Shop our entire canvas fabric inventory from the comfort of your home, experience our quality, and tell your friends where they can find the best prices on canvas materials to make waterproof outdoor furniture covers and many other homemade items.

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Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Covers

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