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Winter Wonder | JWylie Designs

Winter Wonder | JWylie Designs | Fabric Printing


Explore the creative designs from the renowned and preeminent surface designer – John Wylie. Simply select your favorite design, then choose your fabric and how many yards you need! Fabric Printing on 20 different types of fabric! Help me choose a fabric.

Please select your fabric type before choosing your color. Fabric type must be selected before seeing the color/ name of color of this design.

All designs by JWylie Designs. All rights reserved. Design created on a 4″ x 4″ scale.

Volume Discounts: 5-9 Yards List Price, 10-49 Yards 10% Off, 50-99 Yards 15% Off, 100 Yards 25% Off

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Fabric Printing – Winter Wonder | JWylie Designs

StyleCompositionDraperyUpholsteryPillow CaseGarmentsOz/SqYdWidth In Inches
FYCP120100% Cotton Poplinx3.5459
FYCV60100% Cotton Voilex1.7759
FYCC200100% Cotton Canvasxxx5.9059
FYCC240100% Cotton Canvasxxx7.6759
FYCS110100% Cotton Sateenx3.2459
FYPS90100% Polyester Satinx2.6559
FYVC130Viscose Crepex3.8355
MBC290Brushed Canvasxx8.5556
M087100% Polyesterxx6.7857
M067100% Polyesterxx9.9757
M05910% Linen 90% Polyxx8.2655
M088Faux linenxx5.6055
M292Faux linenxx7.0855
M121100% Polyester Velvetxx6.4957
M082B100% Polyesterx8.5556
M077100% Polyester Charmxx9.2955
M081F100% Polyester Satinx3.2457
M086-NB10% Linen 90% Polyxx10.1756
MHFP100% Polyester Chenilexx56

To review and compare many other designs from the acclaimed surface pattern designer JWylie, please click thru this link here.

Additional information

Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 in

10% Linen 90% Poly – M059 – 55in wide, 10% Linen 90% Poly – M086-NB – 55in wide, 100% Cotton Canvas – FYCC200 – 59in wide, 100% Cotton Canvas – FYCC240 – 59in wide, 100% Cotton Poplin – FYCP120 – 59in wide, 100% Cotton Sateen – FYCS110 – 59in wide, 100% Cotton Voile – FYCV60 – 59in wide, 100% Polyester – M067 – 57in wide, 100% Polyester – M082B – 55in wide, 100% Polyester – M087 – 57in wide, 100% Polyester Charm – M077 – 55in wide, 100% Polyester Chenile – MHFP – 55in wide, 100% Polyester Satin – FYPS90 – 59in wide, 100% Polyester Satin – M081F – 57in wide, 100% Polyester Velvet – M121 – 57in wide, Brushed Canvas – MBC290 – 55in wide, Faux linen – M088 – 55in wide, Faux linen – M292 – 55in wide, Rayon – FYRA120 – 55in wide, Viscose Crepe – FYVC130 – 55in wide


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