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Versatop Accessories for Pipe and Drape 2.0

Now that you’ve chosen to adapt your Versatop Pipe and Drape 2.0 system, it’s time to shop for your Versatop Accessories! Choose from any of these versatile, durable accessories that allow you the maximum flexibility in your pipe and drape layout:

Versatop Sidearm

Looking for the best solution for the easy and safe installation of multiple drape lines to one upright? The Versatop Sidearm is what you’re looking for. 

Versatop Shoulder Mount

To secure lightweight accessories to your upright poles, use the Versatop Shoulder Mount. If your event requires signage or swag, this product does it all!

Versatop Angle Mounted Crown

This is possibly the most versatile tool among the Versatop 2.0 product line. This product comes with pre-drilled holes for attachment. Connect this to a cheeseborough or clamshell clamp in a variety of configurations.

Versatop Mounting Post

The Versatop Mounting Post is ideal for securing lightweight accessories. It must be used with Versatop 2.0 crowns. Some of our clients use the Mounting Post to secure LED lights as a backlight solution.

Versatop Threaded Ball Stud (10 pack)

For replacement ball studs, it’s good to have these in your kid. Our 10 pack allows you to easily unscrew any damaged ball studs and replace them with ease; no tools needed. 

Versatop M-8 Threaded Ball Stud (10 pack)

Same idea as the ball stud above but in a different size.

Versatop Socket Clip (10 pack)

To integrate old slotted uprighted into your new Versatop 2.0 system, you’ll need the Socket Clip. They fit any upright with standard slots. After adding this accessory, your new cross supports will fit into your adapted upright

Versatop Anti-roll Clip (10 pack)

When using grommet drapes with bongo ties, you’ll need the Versatop Anti-roll Clip. After you clip it in, the “beak” that sticks out will stop the crossbar from rolling. This product fits any crossbar using Versatop 2.0 Ball Caps.

Versatop Inversion Series Pin

8″ pin with a strip of hook at the bottom to be used with Inversion Series Uprights only.


Versatop Accessories for Your Pipe & Drape System

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