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KN95 Mask PM2.5 – 5 Pack Free Shipping


-Our customers are also making non medical masks out of Non-woven Spunbond and Non-woven Meltblown 

Making your own masks? We sell Nose Clips as well.

Difference between N95 & KN95 Respirators

  • KN95 PM2.5 Non-Medical Masks with elastic straps
  • Easy to use, flexible liner to wrap around the bridge of your nose, comfortable
  • 5 Layers of protection
  • Made with Spunbond and Meltblown Polypropylene
  • Disposable
  • Uses:  Travel, wood working, production and manufacturing facilities, haze, hospitals, construction, painting, remodeling, grooming, sanding, dry walling, smoke and smog, attics, basements etc.
  • Free Shipping within mainland USA
  • Asian certified (similar to ISO standards)
  • These masks are new, all sales final, no returns, no claims.
  • The product is priced per 5 masks.  If you order 2 you will get 10 masks.  Actual packaging upon receipt is 10 pcs.  If you order 4, that’s 20 pcs total, you will actually get 2 packages of 10 (20 pcs total)
  • Warranty and Product Claims- CanvasETC, does not make and claim nor warrant that this product is FDA certified or certified for any specific medical use. The product was tested by an independent lab to determine the BFE rating of the tested specimens. Buyer assumes responsibility for final product application and suitability for use. All sales final.

Canvas Etc Donates KN95 Masks to local front-line providers.

Need a Reusable Face Mask with Filter Media? 

In stock (can be backordered)

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What is a KN95 mask? KN95 masks are a kind of facepiece respirator. These are also called disposable respirators. 

Disposable respirators are graded and number of features including:

  • Filter Performance: The filter efficacy is measured by the reduction of concentrations of the aerosol test agent.
  • Total Inward Leakage: The amount of aerosol that enters the respirator through the facepiece either through the filter or through seal leakage.
  • Inward Leakage: How much aerosol enters the facepiece while someone wearing it breathes normally for 3 minutes. 
  • Test Agent: This is an aerosol put into the chamber during the performance test.
  • Pressure Drop: Resistance of air through a medium (eg. the respirator).

The Asian Mask Standard

All over the world, there are standards for face masks. For instance, the N95 masks are regulated by the NIOSH-42CFR84 certification. Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Korea, and Japan have their own standards. KN95 masks are backed by GB2626-2006 – a Chinese certification. Like the N95 mask, the KN95 mask must be 95 percent efficient in filtering. The KN95 masks and all the other certifications should be considered “equivalent.”

What Does the KN95 Mask Keep Out?

A KN95 mask keeps out up to 95 percent of particulate matter in the air. The particles kept out are tiny materials – as small as 2.5 microns. While some masks come in various colors, you’re most likely to see white masks. Surgical face masks, for instance, don’t do as good a job keeping particles out. They often let in large particles, up to 10 microns.

Air Pollutants

Our KN95 certified masks is an industry-standard mask. This means it will effectively filter 95% of materials with a median mass diameter of 2.5 – 3 microns. Our masks effectively filter typical environmental particulates. 


Ordinary pollen particles range from about 10 – 1000 μm in size. Our mask can filter most normal pollen particles. 

Bacteria and germs

Your exposure to viruses and bacteria can be significantly reduced by using a Kn95 mask. You can cut out your exposure to most environmental threats. But remember that a KN95 mask is not meant to be used in a clinical or hospital setting. 


Many cities today are full of smog from industry. You can greatly reduce your exposure to these harmful pollutants with the use of a KN95 rated mask. 

Automotive Exhaust and Smoke

The use of a KN95 mask can help to deodorize and filter your surrounding air. Protect yourself from most harmful automotive exhaust fumes.

Odor and fragrance

Most odors and fragrances can also be removed from your surrounding air by using our mask. Remove unpleasant odors in the air you breathe.

Animal Allergens

KN95 rated masks remove 95%of particles at 2.5-3PM particle size. As most pet dander is between 5 to 10 μm particle size, our masks are extremely effective at protecting you from pet allergens, among other things. 

Easy Breathe Material

Our masks are made of spunbond and meltblown polypropylene. We also use four different layers of filtration to ensure that our masks provide great filtration but are easy to use. You can breathe easily while using our masks. The material is easy to use and flexible enough to give you a great fit. You will also be able to use these makes for several different tasks. Protect yourself from environmental threats or woodworking or construction projects. The flexible material ensures that you will remain protected while being comfortable as well.

Canvas ETC: Your Trusted Supplier of Fabric

At Canvas ETC, we only supply the best materials and textiles for hobby and commercial use. From pipe and drape systems to personal protective equipment (PPE), we’ve got you covered. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today. 

Canvas Etc Donates KN95 Masks to local front-line providers.

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