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Khadi Paper

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Khadi Paper

At Canvas Etc., we carry a unique and useful selection of khadi paper. Khadi papers are exclusively made in India. The paper itself is made from 100% cotton rags and/or t-shirt cuttings.  It is acid free.

The paper’s material gives its strength and durability. For example, longer fibers in the rags and t-shirt cuttings make the paper strong.

Khadi paper’s processing is eco-friendly. The water used is then recycled for farm irrigation.

Not to mention, there is no wood pulp used to create the papers. Therefore, this helps reduce the impact on India’s forest resources. What’s more, there are also no harmful chemicals such as chlorine to bleach the paper. The final product is pH neutral.

Products Using Khadi Paper

Manufacturers dry the paper with a gelatin to create a water-resistant surface. This makes the paper ideal for water color paint, however there are many more amazing uses for Khadi papers:

  • Oil Painting: Use khadi as a medium to work with for any artistic project. The paper’s strong qualities can make a powerful statement with any art project.
  • Drawing/Sketching: The natural qualities are great for sketching or drawing with several different materials. From graphic pens to colored pencils, khadi sheets can hold up against ink bleeding.
  • Scrapbooking: Make a scrapbook for your amazing memories with khadi. The paper is acid and dye free, and it will protect your photos from the elements.
  • Envelopes: Never deal with plain paper envelopes again! Furthermore, khadi is durable and looks beautiful. Send your mail in an envelope that will start a conversation!

Additionally, be sure to check out our all of our khadi paper products. If you have any questions, you can contact us for assistance.