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Kong Carabiner

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Working on your next DIY project that requires a strong carabiner? Kong Carabiners manufactures some of the best heavy-duty steel and aluminum products available on the market today. Markedly, these high-quality carabiners are popular with everyone from recreational mountain climbers to those in the special forces. Learn more about these amazing products.

Kong Carabiners for Rescue Applications

Due to the load-bearing abilities of Kong products, many of their models are used in rescue endeavors. These include:

  1. Mountain Rescue: In addition to the helmets and harnesses Kong manufactures, they also have a wide array of carabiners that target mountain rescue. These include carabiners with screw sleeves, auto blocks, double gate safety systems and asymmetric links. The variety of shapes make it easy to find the right carabiner or connector for the need.
  2. Cableway Evacuation: Evacuation triangles and shoulder straps for cableway rescue are among products sold by Kong for this specific application. Most require the use of carabiners or connectors. Long link carabiners, triangle quick locks and other twist locks work well for this type of rescue work.
  3. Helicopter Rescue: Harnesses and webbing systems for heli rescue all need carabiners for use. Therefore, Kong’s ergonomic, compact yet lightweight designs are perfect for this type of perilous rescue scenario.
  4. Firefighting & Police: Carabiners in all shapes and sizes are useful in police and firefighting. Most important, carabiners are used to carry equipment and tools on armor vests and belts.

For these reasons, Kong offers complex equipment training inspection. See their calendar of events for courses available.

Kong Products for Work

As can be seen, plenty of jobs require safety measures that protect employees from inherent dangers of the job. Learn more about the work applications of Kong Carabiners.

  • Scaffolding: Working on construction can mean working at great heights. For those who use scaffolding, carabiners allow you to hang tools from belts and railings. If you use a harness, the carabiner provides the safety you need.
  • Rope Access: Some jobs require rope access to difficult-to-reach areas of the workspace. Kong makes many products to help employees do this safely.
  • Confined Spaces: Pipes, caves and manholes are small spaces that require extra safety measures. Carabiners along with ropes and helmets are useful in these applications.
  • Arboriculture: Arborists and tree climbers require safety equipment when working at great heights. Carabiners with ropes and harnesses are important for compliancy and personal safety.
  • Metal Structures: Working on buildings and skyscrapers means working at great heights. BBQ, frog cable connectors and other carabiners offer extra protection for these dangerous professions.
  • Roofing: Working on steeply-pitched roofs requires safety harnesses. Carabiners with quick lock and screwing mechanisms provide high-level safety.

Carabiners for Recreational and Sport Use

  • Adventure Parks: Adventure parks now feature zip lines and other obstacle courses that utilize carabiners. Safety harnesses and helmets are also manufactured by Kong.
  • Bouldering: Carabiners are integral to any rock climbing session. Bouldering may or may not involve heights, but it does mean climbing on difficult terrain.
  • Caving: Caving and spelunking requires complex equipment for maximum safety. Carabiners of various sizes and shapes make Kong a leading manufacturer of caving equipment.
  • Climbing: Mountain climbing is where Kong shines best. Climbing equipment includes strong carabiners, heavy-duty harnesses, helmets, ropes, and rescue equipment.
  • Mountaineering: Mountaineering describes mountain climbing. It’s a long-term activity versus a day spent rock climbing. Walking poles, carabiners and ropes are often needed for mountaineering.
  • Snow and Ice Climbing: This treacherous but exciting sport requires complex systems for climbing in case of falls and avalanches.

Quality Products

Most Kong carabiners are CE certified. “The letters ‘CE’ appear on many products traded on the extended Single Market in the European Economic Area (EEA). They signify that products sold in the EEA have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. When you buy a new phone, a teddy bear, or a TV within the EEA, you can find the CE mark on them. CE marking also supports fair competition by holding all companies accountable to the same rules.” Look for the CE marking on the product to know if your Kong product is certified.

Kong products are also CEN/TC 160 Certified. This is a European standardization of requirements for personal protective equipment against falls (systems, subsystems and components), working belts and accessories including definitions of terms and establishment of test methods. “Technical Committee for PPE against falls from a height CEN TC.136 – Technical Committee for mountaineering equipment EN 12275 – Mountaineering equipment: Connectors Harnesses, anchor devices, energy absorbers, ropes, connectors/carabiners, and so on, are mostly components and elements of safety systems whose failure may cause “severe injuries even fatal”. Therefore they are classified as PPE of third class, i.e. maximum risk (see Directive 89/686/EEC), and they are ruled by a detailed and severe standardization. Their design and manufacture are restricted to companies whose quality system is certified as per ISO 9000 standards.” Read more here.

About the Kong Company

Their warehouse in Bristol, Rhode Island is your primary source for KONG products designed for:

  1. high-angle climbing,
  2. work-on-height
  3. technical rescue.

In summary, Kong, was formed in 1981, but its manufacturing history dates back to 1830. Then, Giusseppe Bonaiti started building metal snap hooks and harness parts by the shores of Lake Como in Northern Italy.

Today, Kong manufactures some of the world’s most renowned climbing, safety and rescue equipment in its modern factory in Monte Marenzo, Italy. At this time, the company is managed by a sixth generation Bonaiti. In addition, most Kong products are manufactured inside the Kong factory in Italy.

Important to realize, they provide educational and professional training services for customers. You can learn more on their website.

Canvas Etc.’s Dedication to Quality

Finally, at Canvas Etc., we’re dedicated to providing high-quality sewing accessories. Therefore, Kong Carabiner is just one of the many products we carry that is quality tested and comes with an outstanding brand reputation. In short, we only work with the best suppliers of fabric, threads, accessories and other notions.

By and large, many of our customers utilize Kong Carabiners for projects that involve heavy lifting. In these situations, they are easily clipped onto bags, duffels, messenger bags, marine uses, etc.

Do you have more questions about Kong’s products? Please contact us for more information.