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No sewing project is complete without great threads and accessories. At Canvas Etc., we pride ourselves in carrying a robust selection of distinctive and amazing fabrics. It only makes sense that we would also have the tools you’d need to get your projects and products created! Our thread and accessories are versatile and perfect for a multitude of crafts and products. Rest assured that we can help from start to finish with our product offerings!

Our threads are built for durability. Made from extraordinary nylon or poly, our thread selection will remain sturdy and durable for the roughest of applications. Whether you’re sewing a sail or tent, our threads are made for the most extreme conditions.

Our polypro webbing is amazingly strong. With high tensile strength, our polypro webbing is a perfect solution for many sewing projects from tote bag straps to basic strapping and confinement needs.
Threads and Accessories – Variable Uses
Some great uses for our threads and accessories are listed by the products we carry below:

Bonded Nylon Thread: Great for thicker materials like leather or heavyweight textiles. This thread has a great tensile strength and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. It comes in variable tex sizes (T135, T207, and T69) for an endless amount of applications.

Bonded Poly Thread: Used for many projects in marine and industrial applications. This thread is coated to reduce fraying and works well with all sorts of heavy-duty projects. It comes in variable tex sizes (T90, T135, and T69) for a slew of projects!
PolyPro Webbing: Our polypro webbing is made from high quality polypropylene woven fibers. It withstands extreme elements, and is water resistant and sometimes waterproof. Polypro webbing is amazingly durable and has high tensile strength. Use this webbing for anything from bag straps to belting.
Our threads and accessories can’t be beat. Contact us today if you have any questions on how our threads and accessories will suit your every need.

Thread and Needle Size Guide:
Tex / Needle Size
277 / 200
207 / 180 or 200
135(138) / 160
92 / 130
69 / 110