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Polyester Vinyl Fabric

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Canvas Etc. is your premier wholesale fabric store. We carry a selection of fine polyester vinyl fabric. Our poly vinyl fabric is used for many projects and applications. First of all, it has a numerous amounts of impressive qualities. The fabric is made from synthetic vinyl material which allows it to be durable and sturdy. The polyester coating makes this fabric perfect for a variety of outdoor uses. Canvas Etc.’s polyester vinyl fabric is manufactured for continuous use. It is more durable than most standard fabrics. This fabric doesn’t leave you hanging, and is remarkably reliable!

Uses for Polyester Vinyl Fabric

Polyester vinyl fabrics come in various styles and colors. Some exciting and innovative uses for our polyester vinyl fabric selection are:

  • Tarps: Need a solution for your outdoor covering needs? Try our fabric! Our fabric can withstand extreme outdoor elements. Poly vinyl fabric is not only waterproof, but is also mildew resistant! Furthermore, can use this heavy duty fabric to keep your outdoor items safe and dry.
  • Outdoor Furniture: This fabric is durable. Make all sorts of cushions or covers for your outdoor furniture with our polyester vinyl fabric. It can be used another way for re-purposing old marine furniture cushions as well! Stay seaworthy and comfortable with our fabric!
  • Industrial Curtains: Keeping a work area or site safe and free from debris is critical. If you weld, or use other equipment that requires a drop cloth, consider our polyester vinyl fabric. Due to this fabric’s high strength and can withstand tearing and extreme conditions.
  • Bags/Luggage: Going on a trip? Use our polyester vinyl fabric to get your most prized vacation possessions back carefully and with ease! Also, our color selection gives you options to choose from when standing out against an airport carousel or otherwise.

Finally, our fabric styles are as versatile and dependable. We support wholesale orders for all your polyester vinyl fabric uses! Contact us today if you have any questions on how our polyester vinyl fabrics will suit your every need.

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