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10 oz Duck Fabric

Our range of single fill duck fabric can be used from making bags to replacing futon covers. Our 10 oz duck cloth is one of our most popular and versatile cotton canvas fabrics. It can be used in drapes, futon cover replacements, slip covers, corn hole bags, tote bags and many more uses. Our 7 oz cotton single fill canvas is also used in the upholstery industry. Our upholstery canvas is usually A grade with almost no flaws or cotton seeds. We also sell an AB grade single fill canvas for more of the natural look. AB grade usually has more of the cotton seeds or kitty(tiny black dots). Our 12 oz single fill duck canvas cloth is used primarily as slipcover fabric. It’s the perfect weight and has the durability to withstand wear and tear. You get this cotton slipcover fabric in both natural and bright white.

Volume Discounts:

50-99 Yards:  5% OFF list price

100+ yards:  10% OFF list price

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