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#4 Cotton Duck

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Canvas Etc. is a your one-stop-shop for #4 cotton duck canvas. Our cotton duck canvas variation is made from high quality cotton fibers. The plied yarns utilized in our cotton duck canvas make this fabric tough! The #4 cotton duck canvas variety is not only very water repellent, but it can withstand vigorous wear and tear which makes it perfect for extreme indoor and outdoor elements. This fabric is weaved to be durable and resilient, and it has many interesting and practical uses.

#4 Cotton Duck Uses

The #4 cotton duck canvas variation can be used for many awesome applications and products. Some fun and cool uses for this fabric are:

  • Sandbags: This heavy and rugged cotton duck canvas variation can be made into a sandbag to hold down a number of things. If you have a tarp needing extra security, or you are prone to some flooding when heavy rains come through, sandbags are cost effective, easily made tools to keep on hand!
  • Heavy Duty Coverings: #4 cotton duck canvas can be used for industrial strength coverings. This fabric will protect any surface for a long time. Using #4 cotton duck canvas will instill peace of mind when covering your most cherished items. Using this fabric as a tablecloth works and looks great as well!
  • Luggage: If you travel, you know what your luggage will go through. If you travel by air, you run the risk of your luggage being mishandled and tossed around. If you travel with your luggage in a car or otherwise, normal wear and tear is a given. Using our #4 cotton duck canvas for luggage like duffel bags, backpacks, or even suitcases will ensure that you’ll be able to continue to use it for years to come!

Looking for width variations? At Canvas Etc., we make sure to carry diverse width sizes (36″,48″,60″, & 120″). Our #4 cotton duck canvas is also discountable based on the yardage needed! Contact us today if you have any questions on how our #4 cotton duck canvas can suit your every need.

Volume Discounts:

0-49 yards, list price

50-99 yards, 5% off list

100+ yards, 10% off list!

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