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#12 Cotton Duck Canvas

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Cotton duck canvas comes in many variations. At Canvas Etc., we carry an extensive collection of many styles and types of cotton duck canvas. Our #12 cotton duck canvas is a dependable and reliable fabric for many different uses and applications. This is because our #12 cotton duck canvas has two single yarns plied together in both warp and weft directions. These yarns are then woven in a plain weave pattern. The weave and the cotton fibers make this fabric ideal for things like durable and sturdy tote bags to artist canvas.

The cotton duck canvas has many great uses other than only for totes and artist canvas. Some other uses for this amazing fabric are:

  • Slip Covers: Protecting expensive indoor or outdoor furniture is made easy with our #12 cotton duck canvas fabric. This fabric withstands various elements and is easily cleaned.
  • Curtains/Drapery: Having to frequently replace drapery or curtains is a thing of the past with this #12 cotton duck canvas fabric. It is reliable and can be personalized with oil and acrylic paint! Try your crafty hand at decorating this fabric for drapery or curtains make a statement.
  • Work Aprons: Withstanding day-to-day wear and tear is important. Our #12 cotton duck canvas fabric can be fashioned into a resilient work apron to handle your hardest workloads.

Cotton Duck Fabric is Easy to Work With

Working with canvas fabric doesn’t have to be difficult. Our cotton duck canvas fabric is be perfect for so many different projects and has incredible durability. When you’re in need for a versatile and easy to use fabric, #12 cotton duck canvas is an affordable option!

Looking for width variations? At Canvas Etc., we make sure to carry diverse width sizes (36″,48″,60″,72″,84″,96″,120″, & 144″). Our #12 cotton duck canvas is also available in custom dye lots!

Contact us today if you have any questions on how our #12 cotton duck canvas can be used for your upcoming project.

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