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#12 Cotton Duck Canvas

  • #12 cotton duck canvas has the softest hand of all number ducks
  • Used for bags, artist canvas, outdoor work-wear, apparel, murals, photographic backgrounds, and much more
  • Numbered cotton duck canvas is made from plied yarns making it stronger and more durable than single filled duck canvas.
  • #12 cotton duck canvas is available in custom dye lots, call us at 404.514.7166
  • Various widths available:  36″,48″,60″,72″,84″,96″,120″,144″
  • #12 cotton duck canvas has 2 single yarns plied together in both warp and weft directions.  These yarns are then woven in a plain weave pattern.
  • Plied yarns are not to be confused with 2 single yarns parallel.
  • #12 cotton duck canvas is also different from 12 oz cotton canvas.  12 oz is usually considered a single filled duck made from single yarns.
  • Single filled ducks are weaker and feel softer than numbered duck canvas.
  • For more on duck canvas visit Wikipedia.

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100+ yards, 10% off list!

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