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Cotton Duck Canvas

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Cotton duck canvas is available in a variety of weights, weaves and qualities. Our duck canvas weight ranges from 5 oz to 30 oz.

We stock a full range of numbered duck, single filled duck, sheeting (muslin), dyed duck canvas, waxed canvas, army duck canvas, slipcover canvas, utility fabrics, upholstery fabrics and much more.

Things to know about duck canvas fabric: weave, weight, naming system.

  • Basic duck canvas fabric weaves:


Plain Weave Cotton Duck


Oxford (2×1 Half Basket) Weave

  • Duck canvas fabric naming system: Important to note, there are many types of cotton fabrics. They are known by names that are historically connected to them like “Army”, “Numbered”, “Belting”, “Sail”, etc.
    • Single Filled Duck Canvas Fabric: Generally light-weight, loosely woven, oxford weave cotton duck canvas, made from non-plied single yarns. Important to realize, the more common SF ducks weigh 7, 10 and 12 oz/square yard.
    • Numbered Duck Canvas Fabric:  With attention to heavier plain weave fabric, made with plied yarns, weighing 12 to 32 oz/square yard. #1 being 32 oz/square yard and #12 being 12 oz/square yard.  This cotton duck canvas is tight, firm cotton canvas ranging from 36″ to 144″ in width.  This is also called wide duck and the weights (numbering system) are on the inverse scale.  The weight of the fabric can be determined by subtracting the duck number from 19.  A number 8 cotton duck canvas will weigh (19-8)= 11 oz per lineal yard of 22″ width fabric.  To get the ounce per square yard, you have to prorate it to 36″ width since 1 square yard is 36″x36″.  11 oz per lineal yard(22″) is the same as 18 oz/sq. yd.  A little confusing, but that’s how he original numbering system was invented.
    • Army Duck Canvas Fabric: 10 oz & 15 oz. plain weave canvas, generally made with two ply yarns. The yarns are finer than the numbered or SF ducks and the weave tighter.  In the same fashion, army cotton duck cloth is usually firmer than single filled ducks. Therefore, it was originally used for army tents and clothes, this versatile cotton duck cloth is used in a variety of applications.

Various Uses

With a variety of colors, our collection of cotton duck cloth is perfect to be used in various applications like tents, sandbags, tool bags, archery targets, bed rolls, slings and much more.

Unquestionably, you will get the cotton duck canvas fabrics delivered in a timely fashion at wholesale prices. Please choose from our wide selection of cotton duck canvas. Without doubt, most of our cotton duck cloth can be classified as A grade.

To be sure, all our duck canvas fabrics will meet or exceed you expectations. For custom dyed lots of our cotton duck cloth please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What is Cotton Duck Canvas?

A firm, strong fabric woven in plain weave or basket weave using spun cotton yarns.

7 oz duck | 10 oz duck

#12 Cotton Duck | #10 Cotton Duck | #8 Cotton | #6 Cotton | Heavyweight Cotton | Super Heavyweight Cotton

Army Duck | Sunforger Canvas

Interestingly, our Olive Drab Fabric has been used in World War II Jeep restorations. We create the fabric to your need. For example, we run custom dye lots according to our customers samples or Pantone colors!

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