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Commando Cloth

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16 oz commando cloth is one the most popular blackout flame retardant fabrics used in stages and studios.  We offer factory direct pricing on bulk orders!

Sold by the yard or by the bolt, commando cloth is used to blackout a museum, your home theatre, churches, high school stages, and hollywood studios.

Fabric Weight is 16 oz/linear yard at 54″ wide and 10.5 oz/square yard.  Don’t be confused, sometimes people refer to 12 oz Duvetyne as commando cloth.  The linear weight of the fabric is often used when describing these fabrics.

Finish:  Dyed black, napped, finished with a flame retardant that passes NFPA 701 Small Scale.  This FR is considered non-durable which means it can be washed, but repeated washings could degrade the level of flame retardancy.
This is an economical version of 100% polyester IFR (inherently flame resistant fabric) that are available on the market.  The chemistry used in commando cloth is considered non-toxic.

Wholesale pricing available, and custom dye lots!

Volume Discounts:

0-49 yards, list price

50-99 yards, 5% off list

100+ yards, 10% off list!

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