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Stage Canvas

Canvas Etc. offer a variety of flame retardant fabrics used for stage canvas. Our commando cloth and duvetyne are used in film studios, theatres and convention halls. The main applications of this fabric is for commando cloth and duvetyne are for curtain lining, museum blackout, studio blackout and other dark room applications. Commando and Duvetyne fabric are napped, flame resistant and dyed black and can be bought by the yard or the bolt. These fabrics can you be used in residential or commercial settings.

Other stage canvas fabric used in theatres is Muslin. We offer muslin fabric in wide widths and also sell it by the yard or by the bale. Our wide seamless muslin is NFR and natural (loom-state) and used for scenic drops. NFR muslin can be painted on and can also be used in quilting and cafts.

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