Why Crafts and Family Go Together: 4 Great Ideas to Bring You Closer

Before there were streaming services, social media, and yes, even the internet, a family would do crafts together for two simple reasons: the work usually had to get done anyway, and it was more fun to do it with someone else.

We’re so often caught up in our multi-media connectivity that we sometimes forget about those connections that really matter, as well as the ways that we usually make those connections.

Sometimes, just the simple act of making something useful and adding a touch of your own personality can turn a bad day into a better day.

And if you’re going to settle in to do some rewarding crafts, why not do it with a family member you love? You won’t just be making something useful and fun; you’ll also be making a memory you can share for the rest of your lives.

Memories like that hold up better than memes and reposts. To make a few memories of your own, here are four craft ideas you can do with the whole family that will get your creativity flowing.

Animal Pencil Toppers

This idea comes to us from our good friends at Sustain My Craft Habit.

They describe these pencil toppers as ‘adorable’, but that doesn’t begin to cover the utter cuteness these little devices convey. Or the fun we had making our own for around the office.

Making your felt animal pencil toppers is incredibly easy, no need for your family to be naturally craft driven.

All you’ll need is some felt, a hot glue gun, fabric scissors, and your ample imagination. An easy to follow, step by step guide can be found here.

This project is excellent for the kids, and it has the added benefit of protecting your erasers from idle chewing by those who shouldn’t be borrowing your pencils to begin with.

DIY Removable Dog Bed Cover

There’s no denying it: that pristine, new, plush dog bed you just bought is going to get muddy (probably more than muddy—probably A LOT more). Sure, the cover is machine washable, but it’s never the same after.

Your dog might not care, but for some reason, you do…

Not to worry. Sustain My Craft Habit has the antidote. This simple, custom fit DIY dog bed cover will let you share you sewing craft skills with your family, or maybe even develop some additional skills if you’re still a newbie.

You can get super creative with your fabric choice on this project and have some fun with your furry friend, too! Once your removable dog bed cover is complete, look into having it printed with an image of your choice.

Imagine your dog rolling around on a picture of… well, anything you want!

Space Saving Ideas for Living Small

Want to reduce your footprint and simplify your world? Apply a healing balm of inner calm to your racing schedule and cluttered living space? Our friend, Erin Boyle, at Read Tea Leaves, is on your page.

When we think about all that we have, and compare it to what we really need, it’s no wonder we so often find ourselves frazzled with the daily hum drum. We spend so much time maintaining the things that are supposed to be maintaining us, that there’s barely any time left for what really matters.

For a glimpse at that simplicity we all crave, that fulfilling vision of a useful, mindful life that inspires others, check out Erin’s Insta at the link above.

Crafts for Families Who Like to Roam

If settling in for the night or for a long weekend with nothing to do just makes you feels antsy or restless, you might have a wanderer within you.

If the idea of leaving the world of mortgages, lawn mowing, and Sunday shopping to go on a quest to visit all fifty states and travel to as many countries as you can fills you with joy, you might be like our friends jennandbrandon.

Tiny living enthusiasts with pilot’s licenses might enjoy a little more agency in how and where they choose to spend their time than the rest of us, but the crafts they come up with on the fly (get it?) can be put to use in any setting, in any home.

Check out their page above to see some of their clever family crafts and share in their fascinating lives and story. When people say ‘living the dream’, this is probably what they mean.

Canvas ETC, Family Forward Crafts at Your Command

Whatever your endeavor, Canvas ETC can help you make it pop. Our catalog of crafting fabrics is so extensive, you’ll never need to search anywhere else. As a result, our customers are like family to us, and we take as much pride in their crafts as we do our own.

Check out our Instagram below for more ideas and to share your own story!