Bored With Quarantine? Here are Some Projects You Can Do

Quarantine Craft Projects

Are you stuck at home with nothing to do? Although it can be frustrating to be stuck indoors, there are things you can do to remain productive. Raise your spirits and your shears to some quarantine craft projects you can do to pass the time during quarantine.

Update Your Spring Decor

Although spring celebrations such as Passover and Easter won’t be celebrated as they typically are, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at home. Whether you live alone or with family, it’s essential to observe these special holidays. It reminds us that there are better times ahead, and it helps break up the monotony of the day-to-day. To update your spring decor, you can go online and purchase items for your project to be safely delivered to your home. Here are some spring decor ideas you can make using fabric:


  • Wreaths
  • Custom Easter or Passover tablecloth
  • Pastel bunting
  • Fabric wrapped planters
  • A new spring apron


There are so many possibilities for decorating your home for the springtime. To truly get into the spirit of renewal in the season, buy some seeds online and plant your favorite flowers and herbs. It will bring some green into your home.

Think Ahead to the Next Holidays

Easter and Passover are just the beginning of the warm weather holidays. Indeed, you have a full summer of holidays to plan for! In the United States, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc., are all coming up. Think ahead to those holidays that you enjoy and begin creating things to help you celebrate. Handmade fabric gift wrap, flags, bunting, and homemade apparel are all options. And because you’re thinking ahead, you have time to create time-consuming projects.

Host a “Fancy” Dinner for Your Household


Quarantine Craft Tablecloth


Whether you live alone or with your family, do yourself a favor and host a fancy dinner party! Set the table nicely with your best dinnerware, linen tablecloths, and candlesticks. Hosting a fancy dinner helps creatively pass the time while treating yourself to your favorite food. If you have kids, they’ll get a kick out of it. Make sure everyone dresses in their finest!

Make Your Linens

Sometimes our beds need a face lift. Believe it or not, upgrading your bedding by hand is easier than you think. You can create a new duvet or top sheet out of drop cloth. It’s a rustic, natural fabric perfect for the summer months. The look of the material is suitable for most home styles: modern, country rustic, and traditional.


Quarantine Craft Projects


Use canvas to make pillow covers and more. If you’re not into natural fabric colors, you can use a stamp to paint the fabric with different patterns or shapes. For duvets, simple buttons may be all the embellishments you want. The choice is yours!

Update Your Window Treatments

Like beds, our window treatments need updates too. Use a canvas drop cloth to make lovely drapes. Canvas is thick enough to give you privacy, but when closed, it diffuses light in the room for the ultimate ambiance. Again, the canvas is very neutral, but you can find it in other colors. Whatever your desired look, there’s a canvas fabric for you. Get creative with it! Drapes are the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room. 

Canvas ETC: Your Fabric Source for Quarantine Craft Projects

While we’re living through tough times, life continues in our homes. Make the most of this time by keeping your hands and mind busy. Now is the time to beautify your home since you’re spending so much time there. It’s an investment in yourself, so use your time wisely. 


Canvas ETC is your source for fabric for all your upcoming projects! Just order on our website, and we’ll have your craft supplies delivered right to your door. Not sure what material is right for your next craft? Give our fabric experts a call at 404-514-7166 or fill out our online form.