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About Us

Canvas Etc., Inc. has the widest variety of cotton duck fabric, duck cloth, artist canvas, outdoor marine canvas, awning fabrics and other dyed and designer fabrics you will find on the internet. 

Our natural cotton duck fabric, and dyed cotton duck canvas are available in 7 oz, 10 oz, Number #12, Number #10, Number #8, Number #6, Number #4 weights.  We carry the largest variety of wholesale heavyweight cotton duck cloth you will find on the internet with factory direct pricing.  If you are looking to buy in bulk, please contact us for our wholesale cotton duck price lists.

You can also choose from our extensive Primed Artist Canvas.  Our stock includes (base fabric) 7 oz single fill duck canvas, 10 oz single fill duck canvas, Number #12 cotton duck, Number #10 cotton duck, Number #8 cotton duck primed artist canvas that you can purchase in canvas rolls or by the yard.

Outdoor marine and awning canvas is available in colors and various finishes like UV resistant, Flame Resistant, Water Resistant, Pre-Shrunk and various PVC coatings.  You can purchase heavyweight Vinyl canvas for truck tarps and outdoor covers, and lightweight mesh canvas for pocketing and liners.  This canvas can be purchased as canvas rolls or by the yard.  One of our most popular canvas fabrics is our cotton duck finished with the patented Sunforger chemistry.   This makes the natural cotton duck fabric, water repellent, flame retardant and UV resistant.

Our Stage Canvas consists of wide width natural muslin cloth, Duvetyne canvas (lightweight napped, dyed black, flameproof), Commando canvas/cloth(heavyweight blackout, napped, dyed black and flameproof).  Purchase this in canvas rolls or by the yard.