6 Reasons Why You Should Shop for the Best Air Purifier for Viruses Today

What is the best air purifier for viruses today? Viruses are on everyone’s mind these days. Throughout our day, we’re continually mindful of exposure threats. So, we wear our masks and wash our hands, but is it enough?

Air purifiers address one issue masks alone can’t mitigate: the indoor spread of viruses. This is especially true if you’re mask-free at home or your place of work.  Here are 6 things to know when you shop for the best air purifier for viruses.

The Best Air Purifier for Viruses Removes Pollutants


What does air pollution have to do with viruses? According to one study out of the Netherlands, there is a correlation between air pollution levels and the amount of COVID-19 cases. Pollution, from manufacturing, transportation, and even ammonia from livestock production can cause an immune response in the body that reduces lung function and increases respiratory illness. For kids, even their risks increase with long-term exposure to pollutants.

The best air purifiers need to remove particulate matter from the air. These irritating particles can cause an immune response that lowers your ability to fight viruses or cause lung damage that makes overcoming viruses more difficult. Airocide air purifiers, for instance, pull all kinds of particles out of the air and are FDA Class 2 medical devices. Here are just some examples of what the Airocide takes out of the air:

  • Allergens
  • Pet Dander
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria (even Anthrax and MRSA)
  • Mold
  • Dust Mites
  • VOCs

Prevents Viruses from Moving Around Homes and Buildings

Viruses move around, piggybacking on airborne saliva particles. All it takes is a cough or sneeze into the air and droplets filled with bacteria or viruses can be inhaled by another person or settle on surfaces other people touch. This is how viruses spread. The best air purifier for viruses will pull those particles out of the air before they can make their way around your home or workplace.

Lowers Your Exposure Risk


What if you are carrying a virus and don’t know it? Then, you’re sitting across from a loved one at home, mask free because hey, you’re not symptomatic, and then you sneeze. The droplets that escaped your lips containing the virus might not make their way to other people immediately, but over time, particles in the air increase when you speak, eat, cough, or sneeze. There’s nothing you can do to stop that except purchasing an air purifier that can filter those particles out of the air. Air purifiers are the additional level of protection you need to lower your exposure risk.

One Less Thing on Your Mind

The best air purifiers for viruses work without too much intervention. You have to remind yourself to wear masks, wash hands or use hand sanitizer regularly. How about lowering your exposure risk without having to do much? Airocide air purifiers require very little maintenance — you only have to change the reaction chamber about once a year, and it only takes 30 seconds to change!

Different Products for Different Spaces

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The best air purifiers have solutions for every size space. Airocide, for example, has multiple air purifiers for home, work, and industry. Whether you’re trying to clean the air in one bedroom or a 12,000 cubic foot emergency room, they have the right purifier for you.

The Best Purifier for Viruses Use the Best Technologies


The best air purifiers use the best technologies, and that’s why Airocide beats all competitors. This purifier was developed by NASA for use in space. So how does this product help you lower your virus exposure risk?

Airocide works by using a fan that draws the air from your home into the unit. Then, the air pushed across specialized hollow tubes made from glass that are coated in a catalyst. The process is safe and proven to produce no harmful byproducts as it cleans your air.

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