5 Golf Lovers Must Haves

With the change of season, for anyone living where it snows, it will soon be time to pack away your golf clubs for winter and hunker down in preparation for the next time you can take a few swings out on the open green.

Despite the forthcoming golf free days sure to be spent in a golf-less daze, there are still plenty of ways to enrich your experience and increase your arsenal of gadgetry and preparatory DIY’s while you languish away in the offseason.

Whether you’re an event planner, a pro, or just a hobbyist who enjoys an occasional round, there’s something for every golf enthusiast looking to add something special to their outing.

Event Tent

The PGA isn’t the only game in town. Every course hosts its own charity events, in house tournaments, and special occasions.

These are great opportunities to promote your business or non-profit by setting up your own custom printed event tent.

All of our tent kits are heavy duty, professional grade construction. They’re easy to transport, set up, and take down. You also have the option to print your tent with your company’s logo and contact information, and they come in a wide array of colors to match!

Tent and Denier Fabric

If you’re like us, you’re pretty handy with a needle and thread. When you have a hankering to bring your DIY skills to bear on the golf accessories you envision, look no further than our made in the USA, berry compliant denier fabric.

Waterproofing is essential on the links. Unexpected rain, automatic sprinklers on incomprehensible watering schedules, and your frustrated friend whacking away at the edge of a water trap can all expose your gear to oxidation and eventual decay.

Denier fabric is the remedy. Whether you’re making custom club coozies, or repairing a hole in your bag, this high grade fabric will keep your stuff dry and ready to go.

Shoulder Carry Golf Cooler

Let’s face it, golf is thirsty work. The average golfer walks between three and six miles over the course of a complete game of 18 holes, and the sun can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

For those days when it’s too hot to think, why not defeat the heat with a state of the art, shoulder carry golf cooler? This high end gizmo will keep your beverages frosty and refreshing on even the hottest days.

Even better, you can make your companions carry it for you after you win your prop bet on whose drinks are coldest. With this contraption, you’ll always be frostiest.

High Tech Drivers

Want to add yards to your drive, but you don’t have time to spend honing your skills at the range? Sick of being outclassed at working meetings by colleagues who do (somehow) have that time?

A new driver might be the order of the day! Sometimes, just the feel of a new club fairly bursting with potential to nail the green right off the tee is all you need to unlock your inner potential.

These high tech drivers are certain to impress you, your competitors, and your friends every time you tee off. The prices may give you pause, but they’re worth it if golf is your bliss.

Custom Golf Balls

We admit, we had some fun with this one. Even Etsy is in on the golf game, and these personalized golf balls will definitely give you some ideas for mischief, light hearted (safe) pranks, and gifts for your favorite golf disciple.

Imagine it—you distract a member of your foursome with a discussion on the efficacy of denier fabric, which engrosses them completely.

Meanwhile your partner pockets your opponent’s ball off the tee and replaces it with a personalized ball you had made in advance.

Your opponent makes a mic drop point about denier fabric, and you relent. They approach the tee, club in hand, ready to put an exclamation point on their argumentative win.

That’s when they realize: they’re about to smack a ball with a picture of their own face on it out into oblivion. If you have a slightly embarrassing photo of them to use as source material, well, all the better!

Canvas ETC, Out on the Green

No matter what your sport, or how you spend your time outdoors, our comprehensive catalog of industry leading products is your resource for events, DIYs, hobbies, and practical applications.

We have pre-made, easily assembled, and affordable products for every occasion you can imagine, as well as the high quality base materials you need to complete every fabric product imaginable.

Start or grow your business; find peace in the meditative act of indulging your interests; or simply make those custom items you need for your home or workplace.

You’d be amazed at just how much you can accomplish with our products; take some time to browse our listings and get inspired!